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  • About Possibility Mediation

    Mediation is generally defined as a means of resolving disputes outside of the judicial system by voluntary participation in negotiations, structured by agreement of the parties and usually conducted under the guidance and supervision of a trained intermediary, the mediator. (Definition from: Merriam-Webster dictionary)


    Traditional Mediation generally follows a certain procedure where the ground rules framing the boundaries of mediation are established,

    parties detail their stories, the issues of the dispute are identified, options are developed, solutions are discussed and analysed, adjusted and refined, and the agreement is recorded in writing. Traditional mediation can be a very effective tool to resolve dispute and empower the parties involved to find their own solution instead of referring to a court for a ruling. At the same time, traditional mediation mainly takes a mind-focussed approach and remains in the context of the current system.


    Possibility Mediation takes a different approach. Rather than remaining in the limited assumptions of the current problem space, a Possibility Mediator takes all stakeholders and the current circumstances into a space originating within a different context. The context of Possibility Mediation is radical responsibility. This can change everything.


    What one encounters in the new space is a refined set of distinctions opening up new clarity and new possibility so that new offers can be made, more complete communications can occur, and a richer outcome can be generated for all parties concerned. Most importantly, Possibility Mediation addresses all five bodies, besides the intellectual body especially the emotional and energetic bodies.


    Possibility Mediation uses tools, maps, distinctions, and processes from Possibility Psychology (http://possibilitypsychology.org), Possibility Coaching (http://possibilitycoaching.org), and Possibility Management (http://possibilitymanagement.org).

  • Demonstration

    Possibility Mediation

    Demonstration video #1: Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloe Destremau hold space for working partners

    Demonstration video #2: Julia Neumann and Hannah Abouzahrah hold space for a couple that wants to deepen their relationship


    It is all about negotiating relationships and possibilities.


    Intimate relationships, family, friendships

    This can involve two or more individuals


    Intentional communities

    This will mostly involve a group of people


    Any sized company

    This can involve two or more individuals and will mostly be work-related


    Finance-related issues, private or corporate

    This can involve two or more parties


    Clinton Callahan


    English, German

    Dr. Julia Neumann

    New Zealand

    German, English